Wax Layer On Teak Timber

During our visit to an outdoor furniture factory, we saw an interesting practice in their process and preparation of teak wood drying. There's a lot of sawn timber teak piles, where all the wood sections are covered with a layer of wax. 

The end-grain of the wood is the easiest part for water to enter the wood or to escape. At traditional industry, teak wood is dried by air-drying, this method of drying wood but currently the most cost efficient method for teak.

Because teak wood has high economic value, carpenter puts a lot of attention on its quality. It was explained that wax coating is a way to prevent water or humidity re-entering the wood and to prevent the increment of wood moisture level. This is very useful during the rainy season whereas the air humidity might raise up to 85%.

This practice is quite common among some sawn timber exporters too. As the timber will take quite a long period on the sea during transportation, to cover the end-grain (wood section) by some water resistant material.

If you see similar practice for the same objectives, feel free to let us know!


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