What Cause Rusty Hinges On Your Furniture

Problem of rusty hinges are often invisible when you buy a new outdoor furniture while it's packed. Usually you will see it after you unpacked it and/or when you use the product for a certain period under quite extreme weather. Air temperature is one reason, and high air humidity makes it worse. 

Metal material is very easy to rust, therefore usually the manufacturer will apply certain coating to protect it against rust.

So what does the rusty have to do with wooden furniture? Wood has pores which when there is rain, water will be absorbed into it. So even though the rainwater dries up due to time or because of the air temperature outside, the water content in the wood is still not dry at all. 

But not because the wood is too humid, it is because water remains between the hinges and screws. This moisture will make it easier for rust to form on the screw, and then propagate towards the hinge surface.

For this reason, if you look at some premium quality outdoor furniture, they use only screws made of stainless steel or brass because both types of materials do not rust easily even in wet conditions.

At the photo provided above, all hinges are new and clean during the production. And if there is rusty spotted on the hinge, it will be very easy to identify and reject it.

There is kind of protection process done to hardware known as phosphating. This process provides better durability of metal hinges or other metal hardware.

So if you want to buy a furniture without a problem of rusty hinges, you should check the raw materials and the type of coating used to resist rust by asking the seller. And if you are a furniture producer, you should make sure the hinges you are using meet the anti-rust requirements.


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