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This site is created in September 2021 as an extension of its original version in Bahasa Indonesia (www.tentangkayu.com). We want to share our knowledge and experience to everyone who passionate on wood furniture, woodworking and engineering, and others stuff related to wood products.

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Eko Wahyu HIDAYAT is a professional in the woodworking industry, especially the furniture and home furnishing. He studied at PIKA Semarang, a Woodworking Technical Academy and attended several external trainings on wood technique from basic and expert level in China, Sweden, France, and Poland.

English is not his native language, so there might be sometimes errors or linguistic glitch in the articles, feel free to contact him for correction.

All the editorial of articles in this website have no influence at all from anyone nor organisations. It is pure from the thoughts, skills, experiences and reliable sources of the author.

We are determined to make ABOUT WOOD as the most preferred site for those who is looking for references about wood and woodworking in more practical way. We expect this website to be your guide and source of knowledge for beginners and enthusiast in wood industry.

Knowledge is useless if not being shared, that is our main mission. Feel free to add any comments or critics, but do not offend others.

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If current article cannot answer the question, or if you find that our articles infringe on your copyrights and interests, please email us at ekohidayat@yahoo.com in time and we will delete it at the first time and answer you promptly.

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